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[Arions Destiny Gold Charm palomino Pinto AMHA miniature horse stallion]

Updated: July 2016

For the pictures of our horses on this website goes the credit to:
- Coralie Foulon Marcotte, Adonis Miniatures (France)
- Gerdien Berkel, Whispering Stables (Netherlands)
- Mijke van Ratingen (Sweden)
- Stuart Vesty (USA)
- K-Pictures (Denmark)
. Rivendell Miniatures USA
- Janine de Vries, Sweden
- Felicia Sjöstedt, Sweden
- Liz Cruber McMillan, USA
- Linn Lemmeke, Sweden

Maximum Pleasure in Miniature breeding!

We do speak the following languages:
- Nederlands
- Deutsch
- Svenska
- Francais

The objective of our breeding program is to consistenly contribute toward improving the Miniature Horse Breed. Therefore, careful consideration is given to best determine the most probable characteristics of foals resulting from each potential breeding. We consider choosing a stallion to best compliment each mare’s features to be the greatest contribution a breeder can make to the wonderful breed of the Miniature Horse!
We breed for quality, not quantity. We aim for miniature arabians with excellent movement and character. We breed in different (special) colours an patterns.

We are member of the AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association), AMHR (American Miniature Horse Registry), EUSAM (European Studbook American Miniature Horses), SMHF (Svenska Miniatyr Häst Föreningen), ICAMH (International Club American Miniature Horses) and MHCE (Miniature Horse Club Europe).
On the INFO page you can ‘click’ your way to more information about the breed, taking care of a mini and the standard of perfection (according to the AMHA)

You’re always welcome and invited to ask for more information and plan a visit!

Best regards,

Chris & Mijke

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We breed for big action movement in our horses!
Arions Destiny Gold Charm palomino pinto AMHA stallion
Arions Destiny Gold Charm